Company Biography

Creating dynamic dance through a synthesis of Kathak, live music and contemporary dance.

Balbir Singh Dance Company was established in 1997 as Diversity Dance, changing its name in 2008 to reflect the fact that its purpose is the creation and presentation of the work of Artistic Director Balbir Singh through choreography, commissions, traditional solo performances and education and consultancy work.   

The work of the company stems from the dual training Balbir received in the fields of Kathak and contemporary dance and his subsequent interest in exploring the creative potential of synthesising the two forms.

The emergence of Balbir Singh Dance Company onto the national and international stage comes at a time when our understanding of cultural identities is undergoing profound change at all levels of society and in all realms; the economic, the personal and the social as well as the artistic. This general unravelling of previously accepted categories has led to new forms of expression and new modes of discourse, especially in the arts where practitioners seek to express themselves in ways that reflect the transcultural reality of their experience.

Through working intensively with artists since its inception, Balbir Singh Dance Company has developed and refined the highly individual creative process that underpins all of its work.  This process, which is at the core of Balbir Singh’s artistic vision, places the devising of dance and the composition of music as equal partners in the work, mutually influential and highly integrated into the artistic product.  Live music is performed on a range of instruments from classical North Indian to contemporary Western.  Find out more about the creative process here