Garden of Dreams

Balbir worked as Movement Director/Choreographer for Chris Speyer’s play Garden of Dreams in collaboration with Monster Productions and Live Theatre, a performance of mischief, music and myth for under 7s and their families.

Garden of Dreams explores the narrative of a mischievous Rat who dares Kip to wake the Sleeping Giant. They have no idea of the trouble their game will cause. The Giant’s dreams create every new thing that enters the world. Without his dreams no new flower opens, no egg hatches, no baby is born and no new stories are told. Garden of Dreams explores how Kip and Rat get the Giant back to sleep, while going on adventures which see them receiving presents from the Monster in the Fridge, advice from the Very Smelly Boot and flying to magical places with the Cow Who Eats the Clouds!

Watch the promotional video for Garden of Dreams here

Key collaborators
Director: Paul James
Movement Director: Balbir Singh
Lighting designer: Chris Speyer
Composer: Ieuan Einion
Co-commissioned by Live Theatre, Newcastle & Monster Productions