Arts Award

Arts Award inspires young people to develop their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, accessible and valuable.

A Nationally Accredited qualification, young people can expect to enjoy an enriching cultural experience, and gain new skills and knowledge, whilst acquiring a respected addition to their CV and a certificate for their achievements.

Flexibility is at the heart of Arts Award, and projects and delivery can be tailored around the specific needs of each group of students. There are no entry requirements, and the Arts Award project can take as much or as little time required.

To pass, children and young people need to participate, engage, research and develop their skills within a particular art form, and display evidence of their learning and thoughts in a log book.

BSDC’s Creative Learning Officer is trained to work with your group to achieve Arts Award at Bronze and Silver level. We will work with the group on their log books, deliver good arts practice, arrange appropriate performance trips and facilitate meets and greets with inspirational artists.

For further information, or to discuss an idea, please contact: