Community Engagement

Dance workshops for all to enjoy, regardless of age, previous experience, cultural background or physical ability.

To excite and inspire those not currently engaged in the arts, these workshops are specifically designed to persuade people to fall in love with movement, bring individuals together in social situations, improve fine motor skills, influence general happiness, increase activity and encourage independence.

Workshops focus on the origins of Kathak movement, focusing on storytelling and working rhythmically. Tutors are sensitive to varying needs and reaching a diverse set of outcomes. Focussing on each individuals’ needs, the movement will be tailored to the group; adapting to suit all bodies and requirements. Sessions can be delivered in residential homes, community centres and youth centres, can be delivered in a seated capacity, and can be either a one-off or series of encounters.

Accompanying Learning to Dance, a new company work in development during 2016, is a workshop programme specifically designed for the elderly and ageing bodies. Inspired by the main protagonists in the piece, two Masters of Dance with decades of experience and wisdom, the workshops play with the idea that age is just a number and not a barrier.

“BSDC has brought real value to the communities with which it has worked, raising aspirations and enhancing well-being, in creative ways that more traditional interventions could never achieve.” Dawn Fuller, Space 2 Arts

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