BSDC work extensively with live musicians and composers, taking inspiration from the particular relationship between a Kathak performer and their musicians.

Working with live and specially commissioned music is an integral part of the company’s work and legacy. Many BSDC productions feature live music, from the Tabla, Sitar and the Santoor to human beatboxing, reflecting the integral relationship between Kathak and music.

Alongside dance-focussed workshops, BSDC also deliver music-focussed sessions to schools, colleges, universities, and as part of our Professional Development programme. We work with a number of regular musical collaborators who support the delivery of these workshops. Sessions focus on rhythm, musicality, use of the voice in Indian Classical music, complex numerical rhythmic patterns and the origins of the musical instruments used. Workshops can focus on one instrument in particular, or several can be partnered to give a holistic overview.


Balbir’s long-term musical collaborator, BSDC Music Associate Jesse Bannister, supports the Creative Learning Office in the design and delivery of this strand of our Learning and Participation programme.

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