Full Contact

BSDC has been commissioned by Leeds Inspired to create a celebratory dance performance to coincide with the Rugby League World Cup games.

BSDC has established a notable reputation for its innovative sports themed collaborations. In 2013, the organisation was commissioned to create a celebratory dance performance to coincide with the two Rugby League World Cup games that took place in Leeds at Headingley Stadium (8 November: New Zealand vs. Papua New Guinea, 15 November: New Zealand vs. Scotland).

Full Contact brings together members of the dance, music and sport communities, as well as members of the public, to celebrate talent and explore the rich and often little known history that helped make the game of Rugby League what it is today. Closely linked to the communities it is performed in, through an extensive community participation programme, Full Contact harnesses the affinity between sport and culture to establish a sense of pride and ownership. The performances uncovers memorable and iconic local and national stories from Rugby League History, explored through a stimulating synthesis of music, dance, rugby and storytelling.


Conceived, Choreographed and Directed by Balbir Singh.

Key collaborators
Composer: Jesse Bannister
Storyteller: Dan Mallaghan
Dance Artists: Samantha Broadbent, Beth Bracegirdle & Jon Beney. 

Special thanks to:
Lynn Towler & Ann Day, and the Leeds Libraries‘ team
Abby Dix-Mason & Jane Earnshaw from Leeds Inspired 

To find out more about the innovative process behind the creation of Full Contact, click here.