Diversity at our core

Photo: Nick Greenwood

As champions of diversity and inclusion, our work is at the cutting edge of contemporary practice.

We are all about creating new and exciting cultural conversations with practitioners from different fields. Artistically and culturally, the company drives a synthesis of different creative traditions, bringing together disparate themes and styles. Our repertoire of innovative pieces has been developed through collaborations, and our projects are models of excellent practice in diversity.

What is core to us is that the performers at the heart of our work are from different traditions, generations, and disciplines. We are musicians, dancers, scientists, ice-skaters, writers, technicians, teachers, designers, rugby players – of all ages and from different cultural heritage backgrounds. Our choreographic work – from Synchronised in 2012 to Reflections of an Indian Dancer in 2020 – creates connections between artists and audiences on several levels. In particular, BSDC reaches out to diverse audiences, including those who are new to contemporary western and classical Indian dance.  

BSDC is passionate about translating the world through dance, music and story. We continuously want to push into new territory, to promote intercultural dialogue and practice. It’s not always easy to make work beyond your own discipline. It requires sensitivity and a willingness to be bold, daring, and to take risks. As BSDC’s artistic director, Balbir Singh has carefully managed to make it a success, to embed diversity in our DNA. You will find more about our work supporting Arts Council England’s Creative Case for Diversity and our Case Studies.

Photo: Nick Greenwood