Photo: Robert Bloomfield

We create original dance theatre for a broad spectrum of audiences.

We welcome and enjoy an arts audience, especially those with interest in the contemporary classical and Kathak. But our work is not art created for its purely formal qualities or primarily for an arts audience. We create projects and productions that reach beyond those traditional art audiences. 

Our creation process often involves artists working in collaboration with people from other sectors, such as sport or science or other artists – designers, musicians and writers. We present this work in a fantastic range of non-traditional venues – sports centres, parks, streets, museums, festivals and libraries. The work is accessible and relevant always celebrating the human condition. More, the process of making work has the audience in mind and often starts with a question. What journey do we want to take our audience on? How do we want them to feel about themselves and their relationship with the world?

We have extensive experience of touring rurally. Our national and international work involves us working with some of the most outstanding artists and collaborators around the world. We’ve worked in festivals around the UK as well as in Bilbao, Canada, the Emirates and India.

Equally, we relish the local. We tour to people in their everyday communities and value the chance to perform in a range of settings – from Care Homes in Leeds to libraries in North Yorkshire. Our approach ensures that local people have access to high-quality arts experiences.

Everywhere, our audiences are diverse, contain a significant number of first-time attendees, all with an open-hearted interest in seeing something new and amazing. Another important audience is our award-winning work with children and young people. Infused with a strong sense of purpose, large-scale arts projects such as BSDC’s START project with Magna Science Adventure Centre are valued by children, teachers and parents,

We are on a mission to share our love of dance theatre with new audiences across the UK and beyond. In the last 5 years, our work has been enjoyed by thousands of people and we look forward to increasing our audiences in the upcoming years.