Photo: Gavin Joynt

Balbir Singh reflects on working with Gary Beacom

Gary Beacom is one of those unique individuals in life. Creatively gifted, a master of improvisation and being in the moment, a magnetic performer, humble, open and deeply intelligent.

He is a delight to work with – both in the studio and on ice. His commitment, concentration and focus are absolute. There is no emotional clutter or distraction.

As a collaborator, Gary constantly surprises. Sometimes we are all trying to catch up with his thought process and where his thinking is going with ideas being explored. You can see his resolve and inner strength; he has constantly pushed and challenged himself throughout his long-lasting career in the world of ice skating.

I wasn’t sure how Gary would take to the idea of being on rollerblades in a theatre production. With the right team and creative vision, you all inspire each other and find rich creative exchange and learning. It has been great to see how he is equally in his element in the studio as he is on ice. The Boy with the Rollerblades is a testament to the working relationship we all forged together.

Gary Beacom shares his thoughts on collaborating with Balbir Singh

The depth of the choreographic conceptualisation that Balbir Singh uses to allow pieces to take form, is something that I find especially intriguing.

I personally resonate with this improvisational method, as I have used in my own artistic development.  I also feel a compelling impetus from the use of narrative and symbolism that enrich and further that growth.

I am inspired by the diversity of dancers involved, who stimulate my creative energy by the level of individual commitment and integrity that we share in our collaboration.