In 2015, Balbir Singh collaborated with visual artist Angela Lyn and composer Jesse Bannister to bring a collection of large-scale paintings to life in a gallery space in Shoreditch.

The three worked together to develop a multi art form experience in which Angela’s paintings were the source material and inspiration for work which revealed the exhibition’s depth, meaning and significance in the specific gallery space. The collaboration encouraged the audience to engage more closely with the paintings and find their emotional resonance.

The influence of Lyn’s dual heritage on her work echoes Balbir Singh’s own background and formative experiences.

body/painting – dancers at an exhibition

The project also drew on Balbir’s early experience collaborating with Bonnington Art Gallery in Nottingham, Cartright Hall Art Gallery in Bradford, and a number of visual artists with whom Balbir has worked, including Balraj Khanna.

Building on this successful project, Balbir Singh Dance Company went on to give more prominence to performance spaces in galleries and collaborations with visual artists. This resulted in new work Painting the Indian Gods.

‘You feel completely immersed in the experience and stimulated on a whole other level – an awe inspiring experience.’

Chris Hill, Venue Manager at Canvas Studios, Shoreditch

body/painting – dancers at an exhibition