The music you can hear on the home page of this website is part of a series of specially recorded ragas.

Ragas are a feature of Indian classical music; they are improvisational frameworks within which a musician can extemporise around a specific set of notes, melodic structures and motifs.

In the Indian classical tradition, ragas are intended to have an emotional effect on an audience, and are believed to be able to “colour the mind.” Indeed the Sanskrit origin of the word has connotations of colouring, meaning “to dye.”

The ragas on this site are performed by BSDC’s composer in residence Jesse Bannister.

Reflecting the fact that ragas often have symbolic associations with the seasons or with time, Jesse has selected and played our ragas with particular times of day in mind. The site features six ragas, with each one having a four-hour timeslot within the 24-hour period.

When you visit our website, the raga which is playing reflects the current time in England, where Balbir Singh Dance Company is based.