Balbir Singh reflects on BSDC’s 2018 performances of Decreasing Infinity at Nritya Ganga international dance festival in New Delhi, India:

“Things feel like they have come full circle and the duet has found its place globally with coming home to India.

It was a privilege to open the festival in India with the work and thinking back to when it was made. The idea back then that it would reach an Indian audience would have made no sense to me.

What I discovered was that the piece continues to adapt, evolve, grow and find new resonance with audiences – and for the artists involved in performing it too. It is like no other piece that has been made. It feels like a seasoned wine, finding new depths and richness the more it performs.”

Decreasing Infinity in India

Decreasing Infinity was performed at Nritya Ganga by Andre Kamienski and Sooraj Subramanian. Here Andre receives a garland in thanks for his performance at the festival.