Rehearsing on a football pitch

The outdoor rehearsal was the first time the three of us had come together in over four months.  In what has been a ghostly world of non-human connection, especially for dancers, it felt quite surreal for the three of us to create a shared creative energy and focus on making work in the outdoors on an empty football pitch.  As with artists, resilience is the key to survival and pretty soon we were lost in the work and connecting with the ideas and exploring again.  Only when we were interrupted by bouts of rain were we reminded of being outdoors.  The masks and social-distancing were maintained yet despite this, the ideas being developed and shared that were whizzing around us, brought us closer and closer together figuratively.  At the end of the day, going off in different directions once again brought us back to the surrealness of it all and we wondered has it been that long since we were last together.  A powerful impression and moments of rejoicing getting lost in the art once again. More of it!

Balbir Singh

“Having the opportunity to rehearse outdoors allowed for us to connect and interact on a deeper level with one another. Balbir oversaw the work as it developed and used his creative direction to expand, shift and enhance the performance as we used the huge outdoor space to our advantage”

Kimberley Hardy, dancer