Photo: Gavin Joynt

Born in 1960, Gary Beacom is an Olympic and World Championship level Canadian figure skater, choreographer and author.  He also holds a Bachelor’s of Sceience from the University of Toronto in Physics and Philosophy.

Beacom began skating at the age of six. In 1988, he won the World Professional Championships.  He has also competed in the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo and the 1984 World Championships, as well as the Canadian Championships.  Beacom specialises in unusual moves, notably in his performance to Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man.

Gary has spent many years popularising the ‘lost art’ of figure skating, in response to feeling that it’s artistic dimension has been subsumed by the competitive sport.  He feels that ‘skating has lost its beauty and charm’ and therefore follows a more creative approach. ‘I have been skating mindfully for decades and decades. I live an experimental and free-spirited life with diverse experiences to shape personality, fuel inspiration, and reach out to folks from varied walks of life. You’ve got to keep reinventing yourself to keep it interesting… I have a reputation as a creative individual, and I nurture that reputation as much as possible.’

Since the 1990s, Beacom has delivered the Gary Beacom Blade Master Seminars and the I’m Your Man performance tour all over the world, and worked as a choreographer based in Oberstdorf, Germany and Tokyo, Japan.

In 2017, Gary appeared at Billingham Festival in Peacock Lakean ice show created by Balbir Singh. This was the first time the two had worked together and proved a fruitful experience which has led to further collaborations. These include The Creative Spirit of John Curry, The (Elusive) Art of Figure Skating which was developed by Balbir Singh to showcase Gary’s unique approach to skating, while The Boy with the Rollerblades, also developed by Balbir, is a children’s show with a timely environmental message.

“I would drive a million miles to watch him skate. This guy is an orchestra leader with his feet.” – Cynthia Ullmark, Canadian figure skating coach

“He does stuff that I don’t know how his body can take. I wish I could do half of what he does.”  – Isabelle Duchesnay, World Ice Dance Champion

Photo: Gavin Joynt