Photo: Robert Bloomfield

Following on from the success of online courses Nayak Bhed and Nayika Abisarika Balbir Singh Dance Company is organising a third zoom online programme for Kathak dancers across the world.

Gat Nikas is an elegant aspect of Kathak creating a stylised walk with an expressional manner. Guru Pawar will teach three versions: Ghunghat (veil), Rukhsar (highlighting facial beauty), Mayur (peacock) and Uthan will also be taught.

Contact Balbir Singh Dance Company to register your interest: email: / WhatsApp msg: Priti Ghanekar + 91 9769391663

Tuesday 28 September
Friday 1 October
Tuesday 5 October
Friday 8 October
Tuesday 12  October
Thursday 14 October

UK time 1pm – 2.30pm
India time 5.30pm – 7pm