Photo: Robert Bloomfield

Following on from the success of online courses Nayak Bhed and Nayika Abisarika Balbir Singh Dance Company is organising a third zoom online programme for Kathak dancers across the world.

Gat Nikas is an elegant aspect of Kathak creating a stylised walk with an expressional manner. Guru Pawar will teach three versions: Ghunghat (veil), Rukhsar (highlighting facial beauty), Mayur (peacock) and Uthan will also be taught.

Contact Balbir Singh Dance Company to register your interest: email: / WhatsApp msg: Priti Ghanekar + 91 9769391663

Tuesday 28 September
Friday 1 October
Tuesday 5 October
Friday 8 October
Tuesday 12  October
Thursday 14 October

UK time 1pm – 2.30pm
India time 5.30pm – 7pm


Explore the process

A lost art?
A bridge to India
Immersed in music
When Worlds Collide
The Idea (learning to dance)
Natural curiosity and questions (learning to dance)
Composer thoughts on Learning to Dance
In the presence of geniuses
The story (love and spice)
A dancer reflects on The Strategists (1)
Overview of The Strategists
Breakdown of The Strategists
Roundness of 12: a breakdown of the piece
Breakdown of the piece (love and spice)
Script (12)
Painter research
A dancer reflects on Love and Spice
Full Contact – highlights from the script
Dancer notes performance (flatlands)
Peacock Lake – genesis of the concept
Firing up the Mehfil Machine
The Collaborators
Creative Case – challenges along the way
The Guru-Shishya relationship
What is Kathak?
Life blood
Collaboration: Balbir & Gary
Colouring your emotions
Covid-19 Update on Monday, April 6th, 2020
Creative Case in action – July to September 2019
Finding my way in The Creative Spirit of John Curry
Talent Development – Abirami Eshwar
Talent Development – Kimberley Hardy
Collaborators: Lorna Brown and Gary Beacom
The Work: Act 1
The Work: Act 2
Planning the show
The 8 Dances
Who was Hans Krebs?
The Citric 
 Acid cycle
Balbir’s thoughts behind the work
Balbir on developing the work
Amrita Sher-Gil & Frida Kahlo
My favourite painting is. . .
Balbir reflects on The Two Fridas
Cast one
Devising in lockdown
Las dos Fridas
‘Alas Para Volar (Wings to Fly)’
Amrita – a story that lives in Art