Photo: Gavin Joynt

Kimberley Hardy is Balbir Singh Dance Company’s Education and Outreach Officer. She was introduced to the company during her role in Peacock Lake in 2017. Kimberley has gone onto perform in a double bill of Champion of the Flatlands and Love & Spice, The Strategists, A Taste of Love & Spice and The Boy with the Rollerblades. Her role as Education Officer has had her teaching in a variety of locations with multiple artists and students. Her most significant delivery has been at Community Works in Bradford, Castleford Academy on the When Dance Happens project, Nessfield Primary and Allerton Primary School and within care homes in Leeds.

The varied work Kimberley has led has informed and tailored her approach to delivering informative, creative and passionate movement classes. Kimberley led the delivery of BSDC’s Children & the Arts project at Magna in years 1 and 2.

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