Kimberley Hardy

Kimberley Hardy is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in South Yorkshire. She began her career with Balbir Singh Dance Company (BSDC) in 2017, where she performed in the premier of Peacock Lake and later became the Education and Outreach Officer for the company. She has since performed in Love and Spice, The Creative Spirit of John Curry, The Telling of Tales, Champion of The Flatlands, 1001 Dreams, Scenes of Childhood, The Boy with the Rollerblades and The Strategists.

Kimberley began her professional dance career at age 16 and completed her training at High Melton University Centre in 2013, gaining a Distinction in choreography and performance. She has been honoured to perform for Dimensions Dance, QDOS Creates, Limits Dance Theatre, and Tim Noble to name a few. Her work has seen her perform with a variety of venues, from national arena tours and Disneyland Paris to care homes across Leeds.

Kimberley is a practicing behavioural analyst/therapist and specialises in educating those with autism (ASD) within the school environment. Her creative learning approach is influenced by her understanding of behaviour which enables her to adapt movement classes skilfully to cater for all needs.

Sessions taught on behalf of BSDC are reflective of Balbir’s multi-faceted movement style but are intertwined with Kimberley’s love of floorwork and release technique. Other projects have seen her teach in libraries, schools and community hubs

I believe that the best choreography is made when it starts with play. Having a concept and emotion in mind helps to tailor the final outcome, but playing with movement and experimenting with ideas is the best way to find personal and organic ways of bringing those concepts to life. I like to push boundaries and bring new ideas and opinions to the forefront, taking down those fourth walls and inviting strangers into the creative world.’