Mexico-based Ballet La Grana Beatriz Ramirez, Autlan, Jalisco has produced a fabulous short film of their new dance piece, Las dos Fridas. The film was produced in collaboration with Museo Regional de las Artes in Autlan. You can watch the film exclusively here . . .

To speak of Frida Khalo is to speak of a revolutionary woman – ironic, scathing, brave, who broke the boundries, a symbol of rebellion, of liberation.

For Ballet la Grana, participating in this tribute to an artist who represents inclusion, equality and diversity, transforming her pain, love and passion into art and who struggled to achieve each of her dreams has allowed us to delve into her complex life, with a force, the result of the intensity with which she lived her life.

We have carried out this work with a great respect, born of admiration and recognition for Frida Khalo. We are proud to be able to share through dance the work of a woman who became a national pride and one of the most important artists worldwide.

It was enriching for the young people of the dance company to learn more about the legacy of this great artist and the world that surrounded her. For them and me as a director it has been a powerful experience being able to explore so many distant emotions and feelings.

We hope you enjoy our choreography. Thank you to Olga Maloney for the invitation to be part of this project.

Orlando Israel Ramírez Ramírez General Director of Ballet La Grana Beatríz Ramirez de Autlán

Photos from the company’s production of Las dos Fridas.