‘You know how the place you were brought up in seems so ordinary, so familiar that you don’t even think about it? That’s how diversity is for us. You don’t go around looking at your home, saying “Look. How interesting. This place is so different.” You just get on with things. But since you ask . . .’

From the introduction to Life Blood

Life Blood is a creative contribution to the Creative Case for Diversity, from BSDC. Written in 2017. A collection of articles written by the company and insights from Balbir Singh. It explores the Creative Case through the lens of someone who grew up in a world between cultures, where outsider status was the norm, resilience was a given.

At Balbir Singh Dance Company, we always say we’re all about diversity. But quite often, we leave it at that. We realise that maybe sounds a bit churlish. It’s not. It’s just that we’ve never really stopped working for long enough to talk about it. But if ever there was a time to stop, reflect and draw out whatever it is that makes us what we are, this is it. So we wondered how we could contribute to the conversation, in a way that a) doesn’t state the obvious and, b) adds something positive that isn’t already out there.

That’s not easy, especially for a company that’s more used to making work than commentating on it. In the end, we went back to basics: what is the conversation about? It’s about the creative case for diversity. Not the social case, not the economic case. And certainly not the political case. It’s the creative case. So any exploration has to focus on how diversity is good for art. That suits us fine. Because, for our artistic director Balbir Singh, it’s all about creativity, all about the art.

Life Blood also has some really useful tips and ideas drawn from the company’s and Balbir’s life experience that will prompt and provoke you to think again about Creative Case.

Download a copy here