Photo by Malcolm Johnson

The main public event took place on November 13th, 2015. Hundreds of people of all ages packed out the Great Hall at the University of Sheffield’s Firth Court for an evening of hands-on science activities, demonstrations and creativity inspired by the Krebs Cycle.

BSDC’s performances were commissioned alongside several other artistic interpretations of the cycle, including Luke Jerram’s giant E. coli sculpture.

Company dancer Sooraj Subramaniam was our Hans Krebs, accompanied by a team of performers recruited from the Sheffield dance community. We punctuated the buzz throughout the very lively and busy evening with a series of vignettes, aiming to bring a bit of intrigue and humanity to the story of this fascinating scientist.

Photo by Malcolm Johnson

“Kathak is daring and unpredictable, yet whole and reassuring like clockwork. It’s uncanny how this circularity mirrors the Krebs cycle.” – Sooraj Subramaniam

Photo by Malcolm Johnson

Setting up ahead of the big night

Rehearsing before the crowds descent

Pop-up interventions

While the majority of the work took place on stage, we also created a number of pop-up interventions around the building. These emerged organically from the science installations, and were intended to surprise and delight the crowds.