Celebrating Age is a key focus for Balbir Singh Dance Company. Through it, we engage with older artists who have contributed to the arts over decades.

At the heart of this is our grounding in the Kathak tradition which, through the Guru-shishya relationship, values the experience and skills of mature artists, ensuring they are passed on and enjoyed by younger generations.

BSDC works with some of the dance sector’s most respected pioneers like Pratap Pawar and Namron and through cross sector partnerships with leaders in their own right from other fields, such as former World Ice Skating Champion, Gary Beacom.

Gary Beacom meets the young audience after a performance of The Boy with the Rollerblades. Photo: Gavin Joynt


The Company has created new work with these artists and continues to break new ground with pieces such as Learning to Dance and The Boy with the Rollerblades that push the boundaries of work with older artists and celebrate the creativity and skills of a generation.

The Company also encourages cross-generational commissions that not only enhance the skills of older artists, particularly in the digital realm, but enable a genuine creative exchange between young and old, blending experience and sharing inspiration to create new connections and lexicons.

Older audiences are just as key to Balbir Singh Dance Company’s commitment to Celebrating Age with a programme of work created and delivered on-site and on-line specifically for residents of care homes.  Performances have included A Taste of Love and Spice which involve not just a traditional Kathak dance but live music and a taste of Indian food, enjoyed whilst the performers chat and answer questions with residents.