Our award-winning creative learning work in schools

Our award-winning creative learning work in schools is a vital part of our artistic programme. We offer culturally diverse dance workshops and classes for children and young people from early years to early career. Our aim is to nurture every child’s creativity and fitness.

BSDC is an Arts Award Centre and we can offer children and young people training in a range of unique qualifications that support anyone up to age 25 to grow as artists and leaders.

We provide a new approach to learning through fun, creative sessions, which are memorable, productive and artistically led by your students. We facilitate peer-to-peer learning in an environment where self-expression, personal development and creative experimentation is encouraged.

Our workshops offer the space for teachers and students alike to play and learn alongside each other whilst developing new skills.

School staff are at the core of all preparation and planning to ensure we are offering an effective tailored package to suit your students and groups.

Our schools residencies are supported by CPD workshop for teachers, resource packs and 1:1 planning and evaluation meetings. Workshops and residencies are relevant to all levels, from infant to HE. We offer culturally enriching experiences which are delivered by our passionate and creative artists. We also offer a range of online resources for schools.

Our multi-faceted workshops deliver high-quality, measurable results which align with the National Curriculum and specific in-school projects. All activity takes inspiration from both Kathak traditions and western dance techniques, nurturing an effective and respectful learning environment. We encourage curiosity, creativity, risk-taking, self-discipline and collaboration. We study the physical body, artistic movement and the intrinsic relationship between music and Kathak dance. We can create a package for you inspired by our wide range of professional repertoire.

Previous workshops and CPD sessions have covered creative learning approaches to the Anglo-Saxons, water cycles, story structures, shapes and various Religious Education topics.

We work closely with IVE, the regional Bridge Organisation and we can advise your school on Arts Mark and Arts Award. We can provide your pupils with a recognised arts qualification from Trinity College, London. In 2016 BSDC won the York Award for Cultural Education with Fulford School.

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“We offer culturally enriching experiences which are delivered by our passionate and creative artists”

Photo: Gavin Joynt