Dancing Bicycles

“Two wheels good, 1 wheel bad, 4 wheels only when necessary.” Orwell

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Photo: Nick Greenwood

Balbir Singh’s inspiration for his Two Wheel Trilogy was Yorkshire’s Grand Depart of the Tour de France in 2014.

His Roundness of 12 from that year was soon followed up by Champion of the Flatlands. It was joined in the summer of 2016 by the final part of the trilogy to hit the road: a multi-bicycle piece that’s perfect for festivals and outdoors spaces in general: Dancing Bicycles.

Dancing Bicycles is another of Balbir Singh Dance Company’s forays into outdoor and festival work. Like Hopscotch, it provided an opportunity for artistic growth as the company’s core dancers learned new skills and discovered new performance qualities for engaging with passing audiences.

Photo: Nick Greenwood

And as with Broken Tusk, there was an architectural dimension to the experience too. In Halifax especially, where the recently restored and re-opened Piece Hall is busy growing a new cultural audience for the venue, Dancing Bicycles was a perfect fit, able to inhabit and respond to the beautiful eighteenth century neoclassical space.


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“Completing the trilogy of two wheeled based work sees the steel horse find its own movement.”

Photo: Nick Greenwood

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