Decreasing Infinity

The mutual attraction of two distinct dance forms, in a collision through which both cease to exist – or rather, something new is formed . . .

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Photo: Chris Nash

A dynamic male duet accompanied by live musicians (tabla and beatbox), who improvise a driving soundtrack around an intensely rhythmic structure, combining the traditional with the contemporary in a highly innovative way. 

Starting in their purest forms, seen through abstract mirrors, the mutual attraction of two distinct dance forms (Kathak and contemporary), brings them to a collision in which both cease to exist; rather, something new is formed. Clear and sharp with mesmerising physical articulation, the work draws the audience deeper into Balbir Singh’s exploration of the mutual attraction of opposites.

Decreasing Infinity performed to sell out audiences at Dublin Dance Festival and at Dance Base during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as having performed at Internationale Tanzmesse nrw and opened festivals in Bilbao (ACT Festival) and New Delhi, India (Nritya Ganga).

‘the dancers merge classical North Indian Kathak and contemporary dance so seamlessly that it is often impossible to tell where one style stops and the other begins, and indeed the combination creates a new style unique to this piece,’ Edinburgh Spotlight

‘This duel has no clear winner—it ends in an exhausted, almost amiable stalemate—but the audience are satisfied by what they have seen: the creation of a vibrant hybrid form.’ Fest

Decreasing Infinity

More about Decreasing Infinity

Dance filmmaker Andy Wood collaborated closely with Balbir Singh to create a film which provides a fascinating insight into the company’s unique choreographic and collaborative processes.

Dance filmmaker Andy Wood’s short film on the musicians’ perspective on working with Balbir Singh.

‘Balbir Singh balances Decreasing Infinity on a fascinating dichotomy of north Indian classical dance and more contemporary choreographic styles.’ The Skinny

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