Learning to Dance

One hundred years of dance experience. One explosive duet.

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Image: Simon Richardson

One hundred years of dance experience. One explosive duet.

Learning to Dance is a duet showcasing both of the legendary masters of dance who taught Balbir Singh: his Kathak Guru the internationally renowned Pratap Pawar, and his contemporary dance teacher Namron, a significant figure in the development of British contemporary dance.

Learning to Dance is in part a reflection on the contrasting relationships of Guru-disciple and teacher-student, which the masters’ diverse traditions represent.

The audience experiences a life-long voyage of discovery: uncovering an artist’s motivation, learning and creativity; exploring the origins and development of an artist’s mastery of their subject via the porous boundaries between nature and nurture, knowledge and learning, teacher and student.

Photo: Robert Bloomfield

A highly accessible piece

The warmth and humanity of the performers combined with its universal themes of personal growth and ageing, make Learning to Dance a highly accessible piece that is capable of engaging audiences who may have little or no experience of dance or indeeed performing arts in general.

Workshops are available for a range of contexts, including working with older people using dance and creativity to benefit the ageing body. Cross-cultural workshops explore how an individual’s cultural influences can affect their growth and development both artistically and personally.

There is also potential for local community members to be integrated in the performance either as a choir or through working with local dance schools/groups.

Photo: Robert Bloomfield

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