Painting the Indian Gods

Enter the world of canvas and paint, painting the gods to life.

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Photo: Nida Mozuraite

A work suitable for Art Galleries and Theatres.

Bringing the world of Indian Gods to life through colour. Enter the artists studio where the echoes of the Gods at play are present. Featuring a painter trying to capture and bring the Gods to life.


A journey through colour in looking at the Gods:

Dark blue of Lord Krishna, similar to the Sandhya Kal (evening time) where day meets night

Shiva – karpar gaur – white as camphor, unaffected by material gains

Hanuman the Monkey God golden as a golden mountain, full of beauty and power

King Rama light blue signifying calmness

Clay coloured Ganesh

Red, gold and yellow of Lakshmi

Purity of white lotus flower of Saraswati

Using canvas, the human body and music to paint on the audience’s imagination.

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