The Boy with the Rollerblades

Once there was a famous ice skater called Gary. Gary skated all over the world. He was always on his skates. Then one day the ice began to melt . . .

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Photo: Gavin Joynt

The Boy with the Rollerblades is a fantastical work for children showcasing the mesmerising talents of world figure skating champion Gary Beacom

A winter tale for our times, The Boy with the Rollerblades will delight children of all ages – and adults too – with its poetic tale of a boy whose magical talent is put to the test when all of the ice in the world begins to melt.  We follow Gary on a thrilling and inspiring journey as navigates the world on rollerblades, encountering endangered species and ever-changing weather along the way.  This tale of resilience and strength is a treat for all ages with timely emphasis on climate change and what we can all do to make a difference.

Illustration: David Andrassy

Featuring Balbir’s signature mix of classical north Indian Kathak and contemporary dance styles, The Boy with the Rollerblades is performed to live music that blends traditional Indian sounds with jazz.  The original music is composed by Jesse Bannister.

Part of a compelling project bringing together BSDC, Children & The Arts (CATA), Magna Science Adventure Centre and 4 Rotherham primary schools, The Boy with the Rollerblades is much more than just a performance – it is an invaluable teaching resource with childrens’ imagination at its core.

More about The Boy with the Rollerblades

The Boy with the Rollerblades premiered at Rotherham’s Magna Science Adventure Centre in 2019. With Gary Beacom in the title role, and Kathak dancers including Abirami Eshwar and Kali Chandrasegaram, the show was enjoyed by a large family audience including pupils from local schools who had just completed a three month creative learning programme with BSDC.

“It’s about the work being bigger than the sum of its parts as an audience experience. It is designed so they don’t focus on one element alone – be it the rollerblader, musician, storyteller or dancer – they all work together to allow the storytelling experience to dance with their imaginations and make them think in a way they maybe haven’t before, about who they are and about the world around them.”

Balbir Singh

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