The Roundness of 12

Recreating carefree times through childhood memories of cycling to freedom.

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Dancer photo: Amy Charles. Photomontage: David Andrassy

A full length dance theatre performance to celebrate the world’s greatest cycle race, the Tour de France, and the Grand Depart in Yorkshire in July 2014.

Year after year, since its start in 1903, the Tour de France has brought together millions in admiration of the race and the racers.

Using the event’s rich history as a starting point, The Roundness of 12 saddles up for a journey through the ages, exploring the untold tales of the Tour de France and its links with Yorkshire.

The piece revolves around a central theme of the wheel, explored through a series of happenings and performances reminiscent of street theatre.

The Roundness of 12 is performed – partly on foot, partly on wheel – by riders and dancers who grapple with conflicting and complementing ideologies, exploring man’s dependency on his innovations and his addiction to adrenaline and power.

This fantastical physical theatre performance is full of awe and excitement for family audiences and make you want to rediscover the ageless joy of cycling.

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